Q.What is a top361?
A.Top361 is a list of Go websites and blogs listed by rank. The rank of the website is determined by the amount of unique hits the website has received today.

Q.How does the ranking work?
A.When you joined and moderator accepted your website you get HTML code. This is the ranking button. When someone visits your website/blog the button is loaded, which causes a hit. It will be a unique hit when the visitor hasn't visited your website this day. If he visited the website its a hit or page-view.

Q.My Go website/blog is new, how will it benefit me?
A.If you place our button as soon as you register, you have an advantage already. Slowly, your site will climb its way through the ranks if you leave the button there. We advertise our Top361.com website on Go4Go and in Goama magazine, so you will get much more visitors from our rating, comparing to people who may leave your website, if they decide to click on the Top361 button

Q.Is Top361 free to join?
A.Yes. Our aim is to increase site traffic among web sites related to Go game in general.

Q.Which web sites are not allowed to participate?
A.Web sites that feature the following content are not welcome: warez (pirated Go software) and download sites illegally offering copyrighted Go books/videos/lessons/commented games, etc.

Q.I lost my code! What shall I do?
A.Log in with the User Control Panel and retrieve your code. It should also be in the e-mail box when you signed up.

Q.I am having problems installing the Top361 Button. What can I do?
A.Many free web hosts will not allow this piece of code to function on their servers. This is common practice and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you. However, you may have copied and pasted the code wrongly. Please make sure that if you are using an HTML editor like FrontPage that the code is staying intact. We recommend you edit the HTML directly in order to paste the Top Sites Button.

Q.I have added my site but it is not showing up in the Top361 List. Why? A.Your site will not appear in the list until you have installed the Top361 Button on your website (on a live server). In addition, in any week where your site does not generate any button impressions, your site will not appear in the list. This is to prevent the site listing "dead sites" that people have added but never got round to adding the code to their site.

Q.How and when is the Top361 updated?
A.Unlike every other Top Pet Sites list, our list is updated in real-time. This means that your site can and will fluctuate in ranking throughout the day.

Q.Can I edit the Top Sites Button for my site? A.No, this is against our rules and your site may be deleted from our list automatically and without warning. More importantly, any alteration of the code will mean you will not receive credit for having the button on your site.

Q.Can I remove my site from the list? A.Yes. When you remove your site from the list all record of it is also removed

Q.How do I edit my site's information?
A.You can update your site information as often as you like.

Q.My site did not generate any impressions last week - do I need to add it again?
A.In any given period of 7 days that your site does not generate any button impressions, your site is automatically not shown in our directory. However, as soon as there are any impressions recorded your site will return to the list. You do not need to resubmit your site. In addition, when your site becomes "active" again, any reviews or votes which were previously posted for your site will be available to view again.

Q.Can I install more than one instance of the Top Sites Button on my site? A.No, this is against our rules and your site may be deleted from our list automatically and without warning. However, you are encouraged to place the code on as many of your pages as possible - that way you will earn extra credit and will move further up the list. For example, if you have a shared bottom or left border that every page has, this is the place to install the code!

Q.I installed the Top361 code on my site some time ago. Why is my site no longer listed? A.If your site becomes inactive for 90 days or more (does not register a single button impression in that time), it will automatically expire from our program. To reinstate your site, you must sign up again and install a new button code on your website.

Q.Can I join, if my site/blog is not in English? A.Sorry, but all members sites linking from Top361.com must be in English language