day/ month
1 Go servers news and sensations
Daily news from KGS, Tygem, Cyberoro, IGS, DGS, Dashn and other Go servers, posted by high-level experts
46/ 1236
2 Go problems and news (Vietnam)
Go problems and news from Vietnam
46/ 1352
3 Test your Go strength!
Go test, created by Alexander Dinerchtein. 20 problems with rank estimation at the end. Free. Very accurate for 6d-5k players
21/ 506
4 Milano Go Club
Milano Go Club website, Italian and international news, video lessons, club activities and more
18/ 369
5 Go test: What is your playing style?
You will know more about your playing style and get advices on improving your Go.
11/ 288
6 Goama magazine
Free weekly newsletter, published by Go Federation of Russia
5/ 162
7 Go Search Engine
Special search engine, based on Google Custom Search, which searches information only on Go-related sites.
9/ 125
8 Go test: Sanrensei fuseki
Sanrensei fuseki - is it a good choice for you or not? We will tell you!
5/ 81
9 The fan club of Lee Changho, 9p
You can join the fan club of Lee Changho, 9p and get 50 of his commented games as bonus
0/ 46
Professional game records with daily updates. Commented games by A.Dinerchtein and Go forum.
0/ 14
day/ month
1 World of Go
Interrelation of Go with strategical skills
13/ 283
2 Igo the Unlimited Game
It is a go blog, talking about current news in go world, along with some tsumego problems and game review. Sometimes other things are written too.
10/ 232
3 Appunti di Go
Un blog italiano con lezioni di Go, l'unico blog italiano con lezioni di Go :)
7/ 181
4 Let's Go v2
Swiss Go Blog featuring various topics concerning Go.
4/ 118
5 Travels with a Goban
Originally started to document my trip to Korea. Now I just write about go in my life, and various go events
3/ 95
6 Arab Go Club
A website for amateur Go players
2/ 53
7 World Go cups
Go news from Fujitsu cup, Ing Cup, Chunlan cup, Samsung cup and other main world go championships
0/ 26
8 Russian Go Association
Not-official site of the Russian Go Federation. Local news, interviews, articles in english and russian
1/ 14
9 Your Site Here
10 Your Site Here
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